Entsminger residence, including pool, spa, patio cover and fireplace.

About Nielsen Landscaping

Murphy residence, complete landscape renovation including the natural "Bejing Stone" veneer on the house.

Chuck Nielsen is owner of Nielsen Landscaping and has been in the landscape industry since 1976 when he worked for his football coach who "moonlighted" as a landscape contractor during the summer. In 1980 he started "Inseasons Landscaping", a commercial and residential landscape maintenance company with clients including Pac Tel and Unocal.
His experience in residential maintenance helps him design and install landscapes that are both beautiful and easy to maintain. After selling Inseasons he learned landscape and pool construction as he apprenticed at 2 large landscape and pool construction companies in San Diego north county. With this experience he launched Nielsen Landscaping in 2003 and offers all phases of landscape construction to meet all levels of construction needs from a lush pool/spa comprehensive job to a pad of concrete for your trash cans! No job is too small or too difficult.